5 Great Non-EU Destinations

Published: 06th December 2011
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Don't you just hate how visiting your favourite destination in the E.U has become so expensive? Are you missing the good old days when the British pound actually held its own against other currencies and you could stretch your cash that little bit further on holiday? Yep, we do too - that's why we've drawn up this rough guide on other great destinations in Europe that aren't in the E.U, making your money work as hard as it should be on holiday.

1.Croatia: This gem of a country is still relatively untouched by tourism when compared to some of the other holidaying Goliaths, but is one of the more picturesque and interesting options. If you're after a holiday that is filled with adventure, then this is the option for you. It's known as the land of 1,000 islands for good reason, and on your holiday you can expect to take in tranquil mountains, idyllic coastlines and renowned national parks. A trip down the Dalmation coast is a must for sight-seeing activities and car rental is very reasonable. To put Croatian prices into perspective, the average pint is the equivalent of £2.00...Sold yet?

2. Bulgaria: With its deserted beaches, picturesque mountains and medieval outposts, Bulgaria is a delight to visit in the Summer when temperatures hit 30°c. The pound is worth around 3 Bulgarian levs and if you steer clear of the main tourist resorts, this represents great value. If you like a drink, perhaps consider the tourist trap of Sunny Beach where the pubs and bars offer buy-one-get-one-free drink deals throughout the night.

3.Turkey: This popular destination seems to receive and more British visitors by the year and is it any wonder with its cheap and cheerful package deals to the main holidaying hot-spot of Bodrum and soaring Summer temperatures. Because of these factors, Turkey is slowly becoming more and more expensive and prices are beginning to show signs of coming into line with the rest of the E.U, but for now prices hold their value and the pound performs well for eating out and your holiday water-sports

4.Czech Republic: Prague in itself is worth visiting this country for. Despite the mass of stag parties that fly to Prague for the cheap, yet world-beating, beers, it offers a truly unique and beautiful city experience that can only be savoured once you have walked down the quaint cobbled streets whilst admiring the stunning architecture of the century old buildings. One night in Prague and you will be charmed. If you're willing to venture out of Prague, you can visit one of 12 UNESCO protected sites. Head to Sumava National Park, and the spooking underground caves that make up the Moravian Karst to satisfy your wanderlust.

5.Poland: If you're after something a little different, then you should consider a trip to Poland. The temperatures will not be troubling any of its other non-EU competitors in the Summer, but for world class bars and a modern, glittering city, maybe you should venture out to the Polish capital Warsaw. Flights are cheap and if you can drag yourself out of Warsaw then you will find some of the cheapest prices still available in Europe.


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